2022.5.1 K-TV 방송 [한국판뉴딜 나의뉴딜] -  기후위기 문제 해결의 작은 혁명  / 부산의 관광형 공유자전거 타래이 영상을 공개합니다.   

관광 벤처로 성장을 도와주시는 부산관광기업지원센터 소개를 시작으로 [ 17분38초 부터 ]부바커의 재생 자전거 타래이 내용이 함께 진행됩니다.

부산의 재생공유자전거 [타래이]가 궁금하시면 영상을 보시면 궁금한 부분이 많이 해소될 수 있답니다. 늘 겸손한 태도로 부바커 정진하겠습니다.


The annual General Assembly for the World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA) which took place virtually on 30 September, has announced the re-election of its current president Erhard Büchel. The General Assembly also discussed the impact of the coronavirus crisis on sales and production at global levels as well as the WBIA work at the United Nations in Geneva. 

Interestingly, even-though initially the industry was affected by the pandemic several initiatives were introduced which has now led to the promotion of cycling and walking as effective and greener means of transport. Apparently, online sales have also increased significantly due to lockdown measures.

I believe cycling is beginning to become the new normal when it comes to means of transport in this era of corona virus. Together let’s adopt cycling as the new greener means of transport.